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Friday, November 03, 2006

Winter is officially here it seems. I think that it has gotten tired of global warming and decided to come at its regular time (which is earlier than in the past little while) the one year that I have decided to bicycle to school year round. To be honest though, I am really looking forward to trying my new studded tires tomorrow and expect that I will just get used to to learn how to deal with the cold. If anything, I will one day be able to tell the next few generations that when I was in University I biked to school uphill both ways through the snow on uncleared paths and not be exaggerating. ( I really do conquer a hefty uphill to and from school every day and if I am not feeling too lazy, I do two hills per direction). The scenery is incredible going through the river valley this fall. I desperately need a digital camera. I have been utilizing the camera in my cellphone (which is better than most built-in cameras in mobiles) but it is not very good compared to 'real' cameras and it is expensive to send photos to a computer.

It is 1 am and if I intend on getting my mom's car back to her in time tomorrow morning (she lent it--I have yet to figure out how to hotwire a car) I had best get some sleep. As such, I am going to cut this ramble short.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Rain, Rain, and more rain...

Its one of those dreary rainy days and I am glad to be inside my warm house. I usually like to say that a rainy day outside is better than one indoors but today I am really appreciating being dry. I am also appreciating the usefulness of an internet connection when procrastinating finishing--I mean starting--my project that is due tomorrow. As much as I enjoy Accounting, today is a lazy day. It doesn't help that my roomate's cat is ALWAYS sleeping (no, its not dead; I checked). It makes me just want to do the same.

Each year, I resolve to acheive something new in the next 8 months of school. This year, along with increasing my GPA, I have resolved to not get caught up in being stressed. I realized that being stressed not only drains my mental energy but it also strains my relationships with other people. So, instead I am just going to do my best and not worry too much about the "what if " and the "what IFF". So, if you see me getting overly stressed (or acting as such) please remind me that I wasn't going to do that this year;)

Till next time...

Friday, September 01, 2006

My last day of Summer and I am on Campus already

A few days ago I felt fall close in. It was like suddenly the air had an edge that wasn't there before and the summer heat became less pronounced. And now, the Summer holiday is slipping away. I am sitting in the Business Library at the UofA in those black leather couches with my feet perched on the table. Outside the window the grass is still green and at first glance it seems that there is no sign of fall yet. But then a group of first years walk by with thier parents in tow looking at class schedules and poorly printed campus maps and suddenly I realize that the hint of gold on the trees is not warm sunlight but rather the first signs of summer coming to an end. I need to borrow my dad's digital (if he will let it out of his sight). I always intend to get fall shots of campus but in the past two years, I acted upon my intentions slower than the speed of the somewhat-winter closing in.

I like this time of year. I get to feel really productive (getting my book list, finalizing my schedule, realizing by fluke that my back-to-back classes are in the same building, and finding used textbooks) while not doing any real work. And I don't really mind the first years. I enjoy watching them and thinking of all that they don't know yet as they naively prance around campus not yet aware that what you wear just doesn't matter the same way here as it did in High School. Just wait until midterms come around:)

Tents are set up already for orientation next week and for once, I will be on the delivering end (rather than recieving end) of the activities. It should be fun. My theory is is that most of the fun of WOW is for the volunteers and that is why WOW is so successful. We have hundreds of volunteers for a reason and it isn't becuase this University has more resume-padders than other institutions. It is because WOW is FUN. Furthermore, the jovial mood of the Volunteers combined with the excitement of first years makes for a catalyzed situation that somehow works really well. It is hard for another institution to replicate but I think it is worth figuring out and attempting. This whole train of thought leads me to point out that it is not monetary reward that makes a Volunteer effective. As such, it is inappropriate to pay Councillors (for those of you who know what I am talking about).

The sunlight is calling out to me and I am craving a walk accross campus. As such, I am going to get off of this computer and outside. Plus, I need to get check that my Bicycle is still locked up at SUB (its not particlarily pretty nor impressive but you never know with those crazy bike thieves;)).

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Macs ARE Better!